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At Contractor Marketing Gurus, we develop websites based on your business’ needs and goals to reach new potential contractor leads. It is our top priority to bring people that are looking for the services you provide to your doorstep. We’re not doing our job if you’re not succeeding.



A strong contractor SEO and construction SEO strategy is essential for your business to get noticed. With our diversified approach to search engine optimization, we’ll address every aspect of your online presence. With this comprehensive approach, we enable your business to appear on the front page of search engine results when people search for your unique services in their area.



At Contractor Marketing Gurus, we have a highly skilled and experienced team that will build and manage your contractor PPC marketing campaign on multiple search engine platforms. Your PPC campaign will be custom tailored to highlight your services, drawing potential contractor leads right to your business’ virtual doorstep.

The Most Effective Way to Grow Your Contracting Business

Powerful & Trackable Digital Marketing for Contractors

  • Your website is more important than your physical location for making a good first impression.
  • 81% of US internet users are using search engines to make spending decisions.
  • Investment in SEO & Online Marketing produces 8x greater ROI than traditional advertising.



At Contractor Marketing Gurus, our website design team will take the time to guide you step-by-step through the entire contractor website design and construction website design processes. Through our established design services, we’ll custom create a unique website that not only represents your business to potential contractor leads, but one that generates strong native rankings in search engine results.


Are you looking for an accurate, measurable contractor and construction advertising platform that gets results? At Contractor Marketing Gurus, our PPC advertising system can give your business the targeted and measurable approach to construction business and contractor advertising. You’ll be able to witness improvements in your website’s conversion rates with instant first-page visibility on search engine results. Every penny you spend can be tracked to its final destination, so you’ll have complete control of your budget.


At Contractor Marketing Gurus, we specialize in contractor SEO and construction SEO for websites like yours. With our solid track record of creating first-page placement for multiple keywords throughout the contracting industry, we’ll be able to help your business stand out in the field and be noticed. Contractor and construction businesses must be ready to alter their search engine optimization strategies to reflect what search engines want. Our contractor SEO processes and strategies are proven, dynamic and flexible to accommodate the regular and even sudden changes in search engines like Google make in their algorithms that could potentially harm your rankings. No matter what, we want your rankings to be constantly on the rise.

Our team at Contractor Marketing Gurus works to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing world of SEO. Our diligence ensures that our search engine optimization techniques and strategies remain up to date with the latest industry trends and practices. We are prepared to apply our comprehensive construction SEO strategies to improve your online visibility in order to increase traffic to your site, leading to more conversions and, ultimately, contractor leads.



With any contractor SEO or construction SEO plan, it is especially important to see measurable results. With Contractor Marketing Gurus working for you, you’ll be regularly briefed about the results we’re generating for you. We employ Google Analytics-certified marketers who will empower your business’ marketing with raw data.

Before modern digital marketing, construction businesses and contractors couldn’t track their advertising budget past the check they wrote. Because of Google Analytics, there is now raw data and information available and on hand enabling us to report on every dollar of your advertising budget. Your return on investment will never be in question; it will be a fact.


67% of mobile users

say that when they visit a MOBILE-FRIENDLY SITE, they’re more likely to buy a site’s product or service.


Contractor Responsive Sites


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As a contractor, your work needs to be able to speak for itself. Contractor marketing and construction marketing are difficult tasks to handle on your own. You need those contractor leads flowing through your door, and yet you need to take care of the jobs you’ve committed to. If you’re going to woo new clients and expand your business, people are going to need to be able to find you and see who you are and what you’re capable of. That’s where we come in. Welcome to the Contractor Marketing Gurus website, www.contractormarketinggurus.com. We offer premier contractor marketing and construction marketing services to businesses just like yours. Our proven strategies are designed with your needs and business goals in mind.